Brooks Lindquist

WOD 04.23.19

“METCON” “AIR FORCE” For Time:20 Thrusters (95/65 Barbell for all movements)20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull20 Push Jerks20 Overhead Squat20 Front Squat *EMOM 4 Burpees, including minute 1 “SKILL” (Under fatigue) 8 Minute: Double Under Practice or if you have a… Read more »

WOD 04.19.19

“METCON” Partner WOD Friday! For Time:80 Calorie Row (Partner holds Back Plank)80 Wall Ball (Parter holds Ring Dip support)80 Toes to Rings (Partner holds Wall Sit)80 HSPU (Partner holds Hollow Hold)80 Double Unders / each Partner (Partner holds Double KB… Read more »

WOD 04.18.19

“STRENGTH” 3 Rounds:8 Ring Dips (3 Second Descent)10 DB Chinese Rows (3 Second Descent/3 Second Hold) 3 Rounds:Gator Walk Down and Back10 Double DB Single Leg Deadlift / Leg(3 Second Descent) 3 Rounds:6 Strict Ring Pull-Ups (Pronated -> Supinated, 3… Read more »