CrossFit 406 Annual Competition + 7th Anniversary Party!

The 3rd Annual Early Birds vs. Night Owls Competition is coming up. The Final workout out of the competition will be an “in-house competition” followed by CrossFit 406 7 year Anniversary! Read below for all the details.


What is it?

-Each year leading up to our Anniversary Party we hold a competition with anywhere from 5-7 workouts.
-Individuals will attend normal classes throughout the day.
-Early Birds are considered members who attend 6AM, 9AM, or 12:15PM
-Night Owls are consider members who attend 4:00PM, 5:15PM, or 6:30 PM
-5 Workouts over 3 weeks.
-Workouts will not be announced or posted. However, the following dates are when the 5 workouts will be programmed.

9/10 (Hateful Eight, WOD #7 released)
9/12 (Hateful Eight, WOD #8 released)
9/21 (Partner WOD)

-This competition is for all members! The workouts will have Rx’d, Masters 40+, and Scaled options!
-Our method for scoring relies on the honors system, all scores for the early birds will be averaged together for a total score, as well as the night owls.



-The 5th and Final workout will be held on Monday, September 24th which we will announce the winner of the competition (and rewarding team with the trophy)  and celebrate 7 years of CrossFit406!
-Heats will be kicking off Monday night (Sept 24th) at 5PM, Party to follow!
-After announcement of winner, ice cream bar to follow!
-THATS RIGHT, ICE CREAM! Instead of a large feast and potluck style this year. We dont want you worrying about preparing a dish! All we are asking is that you just show up, get a workout in, and eat some ice cream.
-We will have an Ice Cream Bar, which will include plenty of different ice creams to choose from and all the fun toppings to go along with it. (We will also have dairy free ice-cream available)
-Friends and Family welcome!