Workout of the Day

WPD 08.17.17

“Strength” 4 Rounds: 12 Weighted Ring Dips (UB if possible) 15 One Arm Bench Rows R/L 20 Weighted GHDs (Weighted only if you’ve previously Rx’d GHDSU)   3 Rounds: 1 Min Weighted Back Plank (across bench) Gator Walk Down and… Read more »

WOD 10.11.17

“Metcon” Partner WOD Friday! Tory and Sarah Birthday WOD! 2 Rounds: 800m Run (400m each, must be run with partner) 47 HSPU (does not have to be split evenly) 27 Power Snatch (75/55) 800m Run 20 Muscle-Ups 27 Power Clean… Read more »