Great Falls Largest Facility

As Our Family of Athletes Has Grown, So Has Our Facility

Get Started Here With Two Easy Steps

Step #1:
Schedule A Free Intro

We want you to come in and check us out! It’s easy, just click the link below to schedule a time to meet with us, check out the facility, and get a great workout.

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Step #2:
Join Our Beginner Course

Once you’re ready to join, you’ll want to attend our 1-week Beginner course. This 3 class course will teach you the movements you’ll need to know to jump into regular classes.

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We Also Offer Additional Programs

Our coaches have a passion for fitness and using their talents to help you meet your goals. If you want to take advantage of additional high-level coaching that’s more goal specific, we offer a few programs to meet your needs.


Competitors »

For those looking to compete in functional fitness competitions, this will help add volume and intensity to your training program.

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BW Moyo

Mobility Yoga »

This class is highly recommended to all members to increase flexibility and body awareness to compliment their CrossFit training regimen.

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BW Nutrition

Nutrition »

At CrossFit 406, it is our belief that nutrition is the foundation of a good fitness program, and ultimately results in good health.

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See What Members Are Saying About Us

Our members have a lot to say about us, so we figured we would give them a chance to tell you how CrossFit 406 has influenced them.

Steve Milodragovich - I really enjoy the community of the gym. As out-of-towners, we don't get in that often, but every time we come in, it feels like family.

Stephanie Berg - I am capable of so much and all I need is a little push sometimes!

Jenn - I love that my first experience was so welcoming and positive, I look forward to working out in this environment!

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