Great Falls Largest Facility

As Our Family of Athletes Has Grown, So Has Our Facility

Get Started Here With Two Easy Steps

Step #1:
Schedule A Free Intro

We want you to come in and check us out! It’s easy, just click the link below to schedule a time to meet with us, check out the facility, and get a great workout.

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Step #2:
Join Our Beginner Course

Once you’re ready to join, you’ll want to attend our 1-week Beginner course. This 3 class course will teach you the movements you’ll need to know to jump into regular classes.

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We Also Offer Additional Programs

Our coaches have a passion for fitness and using their talents to help you meet your goals. If you want to take advantage of additional high-level coaching that’s more goal specific, we offer a few programs to meet your needs.


Competitors »

For those looking to compete in functional fitness competitions, this will help add volume and intensity to your training program.

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BW Moyo

Mobility Yoga »

This class is highly recommended to all members to increase flexibility and body awareness to compliment their CrossFit training regimen.

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BW Nutrition

Nutrition »

At CrossFit 406, it is our belief that nutrition is the foundation of a good fitness program, and ultimately results in good health.

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See What Members Are Saying About Us

Our members have a lot to say about us, so we figured we would give them a chance to tell you how CrossFit 406 has influenced them.

Shannon Clinch Cosgrove - The coaches and the other members make it so much fun!!

Jenn - Seeing photos of me from a recent trip made me face the fact that I'm overweight.

Jenn - The hardest part of CrossFit is just getting over the initial intimidation you feel the first time you walk thru the door to check it out. Once you can get passed that you'll thank yourself and wonder why it took so long!

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